Staffing Solutions

TQMS Certifications provides professional well-structured processes for temporary and regular staffing. Our access to a large database of skilled resources backed by hassle-free processes and professional account managers make the deployment of staffing a pleasure.
With skilled staff already deployed across various industries in India, TQMS Certifications is working hard to improve our services based on customer feedback and suggestions. We can work with you to offer the perfect staffing solutions for you with workers that are sourced locally and trained for your requirements.

Structured Staffing Solutions or Third Party Payroll Services

We have structured our staffing solutions in a way that, all you have to do is to give us a go ahead, and our proven recruitment, payroll and compliance practices scale with your business and deliver benchmarked staffing solutions for you.
• Easily understandable processes and simple SLAs that make it easy for you to onboard.
•Expert team that can quickly source, evaluate, select, and form a team for you.
•Large and specialized staffing database for IT & Telecom.
•Complete compliance management that takes care of minimum wages, PF, ESIC, and Labor laws.
•Complete and proven Talent management that keeps our staff who work for you happy.

Temporary/Contract Staffing Solutions

TQMS Certification provides you the human resources you need for a specified period. The employees continue to be on our payroll, and they work for you. We will take care of the rest like identifying the kind of employees you need and going through the hiring formalities and documentation. Temporary staffing is not limited to junior level but has touched senior level employees too.
•Looking for a way to reduce your administrative costs and liabilities associated with permanent employees?
•Do you need human resources on a flexible period basis that can add to your margins, profits, and bottom line?
•Do you need human resources for particular positions or in groups?

“Talk to us and let TQMS Certifications take care of your Temporary workforce requirements!”